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Wenn ich zurückblicke💖💖, gibt es nur so viele besondere Erinnerungen, die wir beide geteilt haben. All diese wundervollen Erinnerungen blitzen jetzt in meinen Gedanken. Ich liebe dich und vermisse dich so sehr.

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Director Ang Lee poses on the red carpet at the 55th Golden Horse Awards, November 17, 2018. /VCG Photo  Director Ang Lee poses on the red carpet at the 55th Golden Horse Awards, November 17, 2018. /VCG Photo canada goose

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Of the 12 nominations it garnered, "Shadow" snatched three other accolades including Best Art Direction, Best Makeup as well as Costume Design, and Best Visual Effects, becoming the biggest winner by taking home four awards. louboutin shoes

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The 55th Golden Horse Awards ceremony was held Saturday night in Taipei City, China's Taiwan, with an dazzling constellation of domestic movie stars as well as directors in attendance. north face

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